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Protect Muscles When Dieting

During a diet the process of metabolism can more or less be put to sleep. When the body receives less energy in the form of nutrition then it saves on temperature, motion and unnecessary metabolic processes.

The body also breaks down tissues - both fat and the biggest consumer of energy, muscle mass. To prevent this muscle loss lifting weights and taking plenty of protein are recommended.

"You cannot entirely prevent it, but you can take countermeasures with weightlifting and a protein-rich diet since this combination maintains energy-consuming muscle mass," nutritionist Anika Brieske from the German University for Prevention and Health Care Management/BSA Academy in Saarbrucken said.

The most important point when losing weight, according to Brieske, is not crash diets but rather a long-lasting change in nutrition and physical activity. Should that not work, the expert has a suggestion.

"Ask yourself if you really kept up what you had intended regarding sports and nutrition. Did you assess correctly your portions and calories? Did you snack without realising it?" she said.

Helpful for keeping track are calorie tables and a nutrition journal.

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