Sleep : CALM Connection: A Quick Way to Unburden Your Brain before Bed

Posted April 23, 2016

Courtesy of Organic Connections

The last thing you do before going to bed can have a significant impact on both how you sleep and the way you feel the next day. The simple act of creating a to-do list to unburden your brain of anything that's weighing on it can work wonders. The key is not to overwhelm yourself with a million chores. You can keep a master list going elsewhere, but for this exercise focus on just three things to accomplish the next day.

The list can include work items and personal. For example:

1. Edit and send report to boss.

2. Make appointment with eye doctor.

3. Schedule meeting about Quarter 3.

Consider writing your list in a small, cheap spiral notebook. Then each morning tear out the page from the night before and bring it with you to work and add the items to your master to-do list.

Bonus: Also write down three things you're thankful for each night. Your day will end on a high note and send you into slumber feeling peaceful. You'll also enjoy seeing these items on your list when you are reviewing your to-do items.

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