Anti-Aging : Pets and Good Attitude for Better Health


The way your body fights off disease depends on how strong your immune system is. Here's how you can make yours stronger:

Get a pet

People who have pets are known to suffer lesser ailments than those who don't. Dogs, cats and fish are some of the most popular pets that people prefer to keep, with dogs being all-time favorites. Not only do pets give their unconditional love and companionship, but they also make their owners fitter by making them exercise. And experts add that owning a pet is known to reduce blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

Don't isolate yourself

While we don't suggest you have a huge social circle but the people you surround yourself with also has an impact on your health. And when you have strong social ties, it leads to better relationships and health. Ensure that you interact more -- you can keep your close friends circle small, but you can go out and have a wide social network. Join a class, pursue a hobby and volunteer somewhere.

Improve your attitude

Do you look at the glass half full or half empty? Believe it or not, but your thoughts play a big role. When you think happy, positive, optimistic thoughts, it gives a boost to your immune system. Positive people deal with problems better and are better in reacting to situations of stress and disarray. Whenever you feel yourself leaning towards negative thoughts, think of all the things in your life that are special and you should be grateful for.

Never miss your antioxidants and vitamins

Eating healthy is one of the finest gifts you can give yourself. Ensure that your diet is full of fruits and vegetables, which are packed with antioxidants. These protect you from free radicals and molecules that harm your body. Taking a multivitamin daily will also ensure that your body is getting all the requirements needed for a healthy immune system.

Stay active

Your body needs some sort of a physical exercise to keep it fit. And regular exercising is one of the best things you can do to improve your immune system. Cycling, walking, swimming, aerobics and yoga are great ways to get your daily dose of exercise.

Get adequate sleep

While you may have heard this numerous times before, here's adding to that list. When you don't sleep enough, your immune system gets weaker and you are more susceptible to illness. Make sure that you get your daily seven to eight hours of sleep. Go to bed at roughly the same time daily and wake up at the same time. This regular schedule will keep your body clock in check and also help you sleep well. Don't have alcohol or coffee before you hit the sack and avoid watching TV in bed.

Let go of bad habits

Cut down your consumption of alcohol. Stick to wine as much as you can and never go on a binge drinking session -- it only weakens your immune system. If you smoke, stop today! It doesn't matter whether you're a regular smoker or just an occasional one -- you are at equal risk. Smoking is known to lead to heart attacks, strokes, throat and lung cancer and asthma.

Wash your hands

Wash your hands as often as you can -- your hands touch countless things during the day and pick up germs all the time. And carry a hand sanitizer with you when you step out.

Be sexually active

A good sex life does wonders for your health. Studies show that people who have sex three times a week enjoy better overall health than those who have it lesser. Not only does it help you burn calories, but also improves your skin health.

Laugh out loud

They don't say laughter is the best medicine for nothing. Having a good laugh till your sides hurt will do you a whole lot of good than you imagine. Not only does it improve your mood, it also generates feelings of positivity.

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